How Does The Affiliate Partner Program Work?

1AutomationWiz Affiliate Partner AdvantagesIt’s simple! Every time someone clicks your affiliate link and then becomes a subscriber, you’ll receive credit for that referral and a monthly commission check for the LIFE of that customer when they join.

We cookie all referrals for a full year (360 days) to make sure you always get proper credit for your referrals and help build your income month after month!

Sounds Great, Tell Me More About The System!

1AutomationWiz Affiliate Shopping CartWe track referrals using both cookies and affiliate ID’s to ensure that you always receive the proper credit & commission for your referrals.

You can check your stats, referrals and commissions anytime 24/7 vie your own personal control panel.

And affiliate commissions payouts happen every 30 days for as long as your referrals stays a subscriber.


How Much Do 1AutomationWiz Affiliates Earn?

1AutomationWiz Affiliate RevenueWe pay a 20% life time commission on all subscribing referrals. Let’s take a hypothetical look at the payout an affiliate would earn on our $129 Pro Package.

The monthly commission on the Pro package is $25.80. Now let’s say you referred just 4 new subscribers a month.

Your first months commission would equal: $103.00 or  $1,238.00 annually.

If you referred 4 new subscribers each month for just 6 months, your earnings per MONTH would look like this:

– In your 2nd month you’d earn = $206 (8 subscribers)

– In your 3rd month you’d earn= $335 (12 subscribers)

– In your 4th month you’d earn= $412 (16 subscribers)

– In your 5th month you’d earn= $515 (20 subscribers)

– In your 6th month you’d earn= $618 (24 subscribers)

I think you see where this is going…

1AutoWiz Affiliates Partner Advantages

Join the 1AutomationWiz Affiliate program

  1. We started back in 2001 and that kind of longevity offers INSTANT credibility to Your referrals.
  2. We’re a highly visible, recognized and mature online brand that has served thousands and thousands of customers.
  3. We are financially sound and company with a history of paying our affiliates partners commissions on time for over 15 years!


Still not convinced?

Try us risk free & decide for yourself!