Email Marketing Automation

Our automated email marketing solutions help you attract new prospects, build influence, nurture prospects, & grow your business!

We Simplify Email Marketing

Email Autoresponders

Unlimited campaigns & follow ups

The most profitable way to stay in touch with your subscribers is with an automated series of follow ups designed to build rapport, educate and provide value to your readers.

Our feature rich autoresponder software let’s you manage an unlimited number of autoresponder campaigns all on auto pilot.

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Broadcasting Email

Direct marketing profits

Our “point and click” email broadcast wizard lets you schedule email broadcasts to go out on the dates and times you choose, as well as “segment & tag” your subscribers for precise list management, targeting and better ROI.

There’s also “no limit” on email broadcast volume, so you can mail as often as you wish at no extra charge.

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Opt-in Web Forms

"1-Click" form generation

Our “Custom Web Form Generator” makes it easy to create and customize and unlimited number of different lead capture forms in seconds for use on your blog or web site. We can host these forms our super fast servers or you can put them on your own site.

You can even create online surveys, questionnaires,  newsletters and then track email campaigns with our advanced reporting tools.

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Lead Generation Tools

They're already built-in!

Our suite of lead generation tools makes it easy for you to capture new leads, nurture them, build trust and rapport and then lead them to a buying decision immediately or over time.

From easy to customize lead capture forms, automatic email follow ups, lead tracking and conversion tools, we’ve got you covered with marketing apps you’ll use everyday.

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Mailing List Management

Easy segmentation & tagging

Knowing who’s a subscriber, customer, prospect or buyer is mandatory when sending your newsletter, or email marketing campaign.

Our easy to use “Tagging and List Segmentation” features makes knowing who gets what and when, easy!

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HTML Email

No designer needed!

We offer dozens of professionally designed HTML email templates for you to use for free or you can use your own!

It’s so easy, you don’t even have to know web design to use these templates. Just type in your content, and click “Send”!

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"Know your numbers"

If you don’t know where you stand from day-to-day, it’s really tough to know where to put your energy, focus and ad budget.

Most shopping carts only give you the basics. But the more information you have about your shoppers habits, the better you are to position your offers in a way that gets your prospects to buy, and buy more often.

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